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Kustomize!! Fun & Festive Krochet Ideas

Hi krochet. Kommunity! I wanted to share this idea I had with you all as the holiday season approaches. Many of my klients are younger girls and they love to experiment with colors. Although some parents feel like it is too early for kids to wear bright colors in their hair, the month of October is perfect for a little fun that isn't permanent and won't damage the little one's natural hair.

Now you can find pretty much any color hair style and texture when shopping for crochet braids. The cool thing is that once you install those bright, spicy colors, it isn't permanent. Adding a color to your krochet install that matches your Halloween costume or completes you spooktacular look is the easiest way to stand out amongst your classmates and friends this year!

The image above is a braided wig used to create the look of a character. The image to the right is a krochet install on a klient of mine. The versatility of the krochet install allows for the klient to have a fun, fashion style or a funky costume look. Again, there is no damage to the natural hair. The style can also be re-used for another special occasion once removed.

So if your little trendsetter is asking for a colorful option this Halloween, rest assured krochet. will make it easier to for you to make your decision.

For more fun ideas and krochet style tips, follow us on Instraram @krochethair and subscribe to become part of the krochet. Kommunity!

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