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2022 Hair Mindset!

2022 is now here and as usual, our thoughts still focused on hair. Our hair is ALWAYS on our minds; no matter the date, time or year. With this year being no different, I wanted to provide a few mindset tricks to help ease the stress you may be having with your hairstyling woes.

  1. Talk to Your Stylist

So you've scheduled an appointment, you Googled the style and you've got the hair-now what? You pray that the style will come out exactly like the image on your phone that you've sent your stylist, just to be sure. You're feeling confident that your style will be cute, classy and convenient for your busy life. All that I've mention is common, but can be super stressful. Before you pick your style, consult with your stylist on their thoughts. Factors such as your hair density, texture, face structure and stylist ability are important to discuss. This will help alleviate some of your worry and help you choose style that both your and your stylist are happy about.

2. Simplicity for the WIN!

Complicated and time extensive styles are so 2000ish. There are a plethora of simple trending styles that look great and don't require much time and effort. Styles like shoulder length bobs, 2-braids, cornrows, crochet installs and curl sets on sew-ins and wigs are both popular and very cute! Not all styles work for everyone. It's ok to pick your "go-to" style and what you feel the most confident wearing.

3. Time, A Non-Refudable Asset

Time is valuable. Some will argue that our time is extremely precious and we must capitalize on what we have, while we have it. Hours and hours is a nice new vibe currently streaming on all music platforms; NOT what we want to spend on hairstyles and haircare. Book first available appointments with your stylist. Select styles that will both last you for a few weeks and do not require you sitting in the chair for long periods of time. Use a scarf or bonnet after the install. This will extend your style and allow for more hair confidence longer and less visits to the salon.

4. Hair Investing Done Wisely

I always recommend that my clients divide the cost of the style by the expected length of time they will wear the style. That cost for some of my styles averages between $10-12 a week. A GREAT price for style and convenience. Affordability is a major importance as many are using money more wisely and investing in stocks, trade options, NFT's, etc. As consumers, we always try to get the most "Bang for our Buck!" Why not want the same for our hair? Understanding that everyone does not have the same hair budget, know what yours is and don't be afraid to establish one that works for you.

I hope this helps clears your mind and provides a mind shift as you make your hair plans this year. Keep it stylish and sensible! Until next time...

@ Krochethair

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