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Workout Without Worrying About Your Hair...


Can you believe it's almost November?! Not to rush the year away but soon we will all start to pursue new year resolutions and goals in hopes of kicking ass come 2020! For many of us, health and fitness will be on the top of our to-do list as we enter the new year. The question in parenthesis right next to '1. Lose Weight' is 'What am I going to do with my hair while working out?'

Not too worry! A krochet or braid install take the stress away from your hair and allows you to focus on the body goals you have set your sights on.

One of the coolest things about a krochet or braid install is that you can easily get to your scalp for cleaning and moisturizing. Cleansing cloths, cotton tips or a wet hand towel are all great ways to wipe sweat and dirt from your scalp after a workout. Now, you can even choose to apply a dry shampoo to your scalp if you are worried about residue or odor from your hairstyle. Apply moisture to your krochet or braid install is also simple. With the parting techniques commonly used on krochet installs, you have the ability to moisturize directly to the braid base and scalp.

I hope your workout routine will include a krochet or braid install! Follow us on Instagram @krochethair for more style ideas and product updates!

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