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Crochet Braids Cause Hair Loss?

Wondering why you are experiencing hair loss and breakage when you remove your crochet install? We just might have the answer to your question...


Crochet braids and protective styles are a convenient way to look stylish and save time. Personally, any style that maximizes the time I have out with my friends, sleeping or shopping is a win! Without having to hassle with your hair every morning and for every event is something many women would describe as a dream come true! Unfortunately, your crochet install and protective style still need a little tender loving care and attention to prevent damaging of your natural hair. You cannot neglect to moisturize your hair for four to six weeks and not expect your hair to be dry and brittle. So no, the synthetic hair used during our install is not the blame for this problem. Applying an oil or moisturizer to the braid base you or your stylist create as the foundation of your crochet style is one way to reduce dryness and the possibility of hair breakage during your install.

-If you have a loose hair or curly crochet install, use water or a moisturizing spray. Try to spray the product on your scalp and braid base. A leave-in conditioner mixed with water in a spray bottle is an easy way to help minimize dryness and breakage.

-Use a product like krochet. Kare or an oil with an applicator tip. Apply the oil to your scalp and braid base 2 times a week or as necessary. If applied regularly during the crochet install, you will tell the difference in the moisture of your hair when taking your braid base down. This method of moisturizing is good for loose curls, braids, twists and faux locs.

-As old fashion as it may sound, greasing your scalp is another way to lower your chances of hair loss during your crochet install. There are now hair oils that are not as greasy as the ones our ancestors used. Grab what you like or what works best for you, have a seat on the floor and you and a friend or loved one take a trip down memory lane while treating your crochet braid tracks.

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