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It's Time to Fall for Krochet.

Fall...time for a style that can withstand the changes of the season!

As the leaves start to fall and the morning air gives us a little chill, we embrace the closing of another calendar year. The older I get the more I realize that time is an expensive and valuable possession. With working a 9 to 5, operating a small business and attempting to be supermom, there isn't enough time to hassle with my hair. If you're anything like me, hair confidence is a requirement for me to function as a human being! I know...we put too much emphasis on our hair, blah blah. Whatever the case, I just feel like my look just isn't complete without the finishing touches of cute hairstyle. I know you've felt this ladies and I completely understand.

With the change of the seasons also comes a social list of events that keeps you busy until Spring. This is why a krochet style is a great way to save time and offer you a style that can make you a hit at the company Halloween party, the talk of the table at Thanksgiving and the least likely to be stressed at the Christmas gift wrapping party. So I if you needed to be reminded why a krochet style should be your next move, take a look at my reasons why I chose krochet.

1. A simple pre-looped crochet style can be installed in less than 2 hours. This means you're not tied up in the salon all day when you have 100 other errands to handle.

2. Your krochet install will last 4-6 weeks depending on maintenance. ( Sometimes a little longer) If you plan this out right, you will only need about 2 installs between now and the winter holidays.

3. The average cost of a krochet install ranges between $85-$120. When you divide the cost over the duration of the install, you could be paying as little at $2 per day for the convenience and confidence you need to be the superhero you are.

I hope my recommendations help you fall in love with krochet! Follow us on Instagram for more style ideas and product updates!

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