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Simple Summer Styles

Crochet Box Braids; Just as good during the summer!

As I scroll through Instagram and SnapChat, the popular trend is graduation and the school year ending. So what does that have to do with your hair? A LOT! With the summer approaching, many women and young ladies are looking for a sweat-proof, waterproof, and fashionable hairstyle. Vacations, cooksouts and time with familiy and friends are priority during this time of year. The is not the time for us women to be afraids to get our hair wet. The beach and swimming pool are no match for crochet and box braids as these styles seem to withstand summertime fun. I recently enjoyed the ocean in Cozumel wearing crochet box braids. A simple rinse and air dry was all that I needed to bring my hair back to life and ready for dinner at 8pm. You see, not only can crochet box braids be worn in the water, they can be removed, cleaned and reinstalled if desired. Also, if the crochet hair selection of the big dookie or box braids look is not something you are particularly interested in, there are tons of other pre-looped textures and style options that are just as convenient and tough enough to keep you looking fly during the summer months. The best part about the pre-looped crochet install is the time you save in the salon chair. If your hair is washed before your appointment, most pre-looped crochet styles can be achieved between 1 -3 hours. You do the math. Summer is short. Don't waste your time in the salon when you can be enjoying the summer and a dip in the ocean . Just my opinion. #wink

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