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The Individual Braid Illusion

Recently, I posted a picture on IG of myself wearing the popular box braid style. There were a couple of people that couldn't believe that the hairstyle was actually crochet braids. Believe it! First, I do not have the time to sit for 4-6 hours for a hairstyle. Time is so valuable and I have wasted too much of it sitting in salon chairs. Two, I don't have the patience to remove that very same 6 hour hairstyle when my natural hair starts to display it's persistent nature. The convenience and affordability alone is enough to make this hairstyle part of my life. The truth is ladies, crochet braids are affordable, durable, easy to install and remove and in most cases reusable.

So why do so many people give you the sour face when you suggest crochet braids? Blame it on the 90's and the limited hair selection that was used for crochet hair styles. People, the crochet braid movement is in full momentum. The young lady in this photo was probably once a non-believer too. The braid pattern was key in creating the appearance of individual twist around the perimeter of her head. Before the install, my client and I discussed part placement and how she would ultimately wear the style. From there, we came up with a plan for the foundation that would achieve the look she was hoping for. Success is an understatement. So before you roll your eyes and have flashbacks of those horrid crochet braids you had in the mid 90's, talk to your stylist about the option to create an individual illusion for your crochet braid install. You won't regret it.

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