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Too Tight...Not Right

Recently I was working on a klient and while I was preparing for her install she expressed to me her concern about the braid base and tension along her hairline. She told me about a previous appointment with another braider and the hair loss she experienced. I immediately stopped braiding her hair and paid close attention to what she was telling me. With tears in her eyes she explained that she asked the braider several times not to braid so tight. Without lessening the tension, the braider continued to pull tightly as she created the braid base. The klient did not want to upset the braider and feared that loose braids would ultimately cause the install to look less attractive. She sat quietly and endured the pain. The install was beautiful...but hurt like hell. After paying $120, the pain was too much and she removed the install after only 3 days. I cringed...

One of the things I like most about crochet styles is the protection created for your natural hair. I look forward to removing my install after 4-6 weeks to see if I have had any hair growth, how much shedding I have and if my edges are still in tact.

There is no need to braid the natural hair super tight when creating the braid base for the crochet install. Yes, if the braid is too loose the hair may not stay on the braid. No need to worry though, a neat and secure braid will hold well due to the weight of most synthetic hair types. Crochet braid styles are usually light weight. It's not necessary to have a mega grip when creating the braid to loop or knot the hair to.

Secondly, a crochet install should be fast, affordable and comfortable. This is what makes crochet so cool! At any point during your consultation or install you feel like you will not achieve any of the three, tap out and look for another braider to provide the service. The goal is to leave the salon with a hairstyle you love, one that will last and doesn't leave you eating Ramen noodles for 6 weeks.

Oh you all want to know what happened to my klient...

I continually asked her if the tension was ok as I braided her hair. I made sure not to pull too tight when connecting each braid to establish the foundation. Once I finished the braid base, I applied krochet Kare to the roots of her hair to ensure moisture on the base before installing the synthetic hair. As I inserted each braid, I made sure to take my time and cautiously secure each tress. Lastly, I asked her was she comfortable and completely pleased with the install before leaving. She loved it! But, more importantly I felt good about helping her achieve the look she wanted without damaging her natural hair and hairline.

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